HealthChoice Care Management – Everything you ever wanted to know and more…

Who qualifies for the program?

It’s simple…if you see multiple providers to treat diseases like diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease, etc., you will benefit greatly from the HealthChoice Care Management program; however, anyone who needs information about their condition or assistance navigating to the right providers to meet their individual health care needs will also benefit.

What will care management do for me?

Working with a HealthChoice care coordinator offers you the opportunity to have a relationship with a clinician who will answer your questions and support efforts to improve your health care experience overall. You will gain an advocate who will coordinate care between you, your care givers and providers and assist you in setting and reaching goals. You will have access to information and community resources that will help you understand your condition and enjoy your life.

How does care management work?

Our program focuses on clinical initiatives to enhance the quality of care, delivery of services and cost effectiveness of treatment offered to you, our member, who may have a clinical history of one or more chronic conditions. Improving communication between all parties and addressing gaps in knowledge and resources will support a better outcome providing expedited services, and increased satisfaction. Your goals and concerns become part of the treatment plan supported with tracking tools and symptom management.

How do I become involved in care management?

You don’t need to do anything! All employees and surviving dependents who elect HealthChoice will automatically be included in the care management program. If your clinical history identifies you as a candidate for care management, you will be contacted by our care management staff. However, we are available as a resource for anyone with a desire to improve/maintain their health status, and be successful in reaching their goals.

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HealthChoice Care Management Customer Service

HealthChoice Care Management offers Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD); American Sign Language and translation services for most languages.