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Care management team goals

The goal of the HealthChoice care management team is to provide support that enhances your physical, financial, social and emotional needs. To meet that goal, care coordinators act as confidants, advisors and coaches for you, our member. By developing a personal connection with you, a coordinator can better anticipate your needs, facilitate your care, and improve your satisfaction with your health care experience.

If you see multiple providers to treat diseases like diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease, etc., you will be contacted by our care management staff to help you select a primary care physician (PCP) to direct your treatment plan. A care coordinator will help ensure your participation in the design of your care plan and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the expected outcomes of your treatment. Once treatment goals are set, the coordinator will help monitor your progress towards those goals and assist you with the self-management of your condition.

A care coordinator will also work with you to teach you how to recognize changes in your condition and the steps you can take to get your condition back under control. They make certain you understand the purposes and expected benefits of medications prescribed for you, and educate you about any adverse reactions you may experience during your course of treatment. Throughout your treatment, health goals will be supported with tracking tools and symptom management. When appropriate and accessible, community resources and educational programs will also be offered.

Together, you and your care management team will share in the responsibility for the success of your treatment program. Any need for services or modification to your treatment plan will be discussed with your team and agreed to by all those involved in your treatment program. A coordinator will monitor your progress and help eliminate any delays in treatment. Care coordinators also serve as educators and provide medical information to help increase your understanding of your condition and treatment plan, as well as steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle.

Who qualifies for the program?

It’s simple…if you have multiple chronic conditions, you will qualify and benefit greatly from the new HealthChoice Care Management program; however, any of our members who just need information about their condition or assistance navigating to the right providers to meet their individual health care needs will also benefit. To learn more, please visit our care management program page on this website.

What you can expect as a care management program member?

Think of yourself as a member of an elite club if you are part of the HealthChoice Care Management program. Not everyone gets this type of customized, special attention. Seriously, though, you have a lot of great resources that you can take advantage of to help monitor your condition(s) and take steps toward controlling or improving them. Just knowing you have someone to call for questions, concerns, and information makes this a valuable relationship for you and your family.

Member resources:

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