Welcome to the HealthChoice Care Coordination Program!


The 2017 HealthChoice Care Coordination program is available to pre-Medicare former employees and surviving dependents who are eligible to participate in the insurance plans offered by HealthChoice through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Employee Group Insurance Department. Members with chronic conditions will benefit greatly from the new HealthChoice Care Coordination program; however, anyone who needs information about their condition or assistance navigating to the right providers to meet their individual health care needs will also benefit.

Improved quality of care

HealthChoice offers personalized care coordination and navigation assistance through physician and nurse consultations to help eliminate barriers that could negatively impact your health or disrupt your treatment plan. Our care coordinators take a collaborative approach to care that focuses on clinical initiatives to enhance the quality, service and cost-effectiveness of your care. Working closely with your providers allows for a better understanding of your condition, which results in expedited treatment plans that help eliminate gaps in care and improve your overall health.

Key care coordination benefits

  • 24/7 nurse advice line for triage and information
  • Focus on preventive care. Financial incentives on many preventive procedures
  • Education on prescribed medications and how to take them properly
  • Rewards and support for participating in wellness activities
  • Optional health risk assessment tools to identify existing conditions, potential for future disease or illness, and gaps in care to proactively manage health conditions or risks
  • Resources for development and achievement of personal health care related goals and access to educational resources and tools to promote choices and healthier living

Key indicators for success

How do we know the HealthChoice Care Coordination program is a success? There are several key indicators that tell us how our members, providers and our care coordinators are doing.

  • Engagement in the process
  • Participation in activities identified in treatment plan
  • Growth in relationship
  • Timely transfers of information among all parties
  • Flexible revisions to plan based on needs and goals
  • Appropriate referrals and utilization of resources
  • Shared accountability
  • Enhanced delivery of care
  • Improved outcomes
  • Decreased costs

Questions about the HealthChoice Care Coordination program? Contact us.

HealthChoice Care Coordination Customer Service

  • Local: 1-405-652-1041
  • Toll Free: 1-855-445-1471
  • Website: www.hccarecoordination.com
  • HealthChoice Care Coordination offers Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD); American Sign Language and translation services for most languages.